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Written by William Bronston MD, with contributions from Inda Shirley, Maureen Cruise, Bill Honigman; Amy Hines-Shaikh

State-based SP bills
None in 2019

No bill was authored to replace SB 562 that was killed by the Speaker of the Assembly who held 562 in Rules Committee refusing to refer to the Health Committee for hearings and needed amendment.

No legislator was willing to carry the revision of SB 562 by the California Nurses Association (CNA) who did not make their new draft available to anyone and were not able to engineer authentic support from the new Governor, Gavin Newsom

Related legislation (pending)
There are approximately 20 “Band-aid bills” that would help constituents, but do not address market-based health care.  These "fix it" bills authored by a gamut of legislators and other elected officials, (including the governor) are based on the (unsubstantiated) belief that fixing small pieces here and there to address flagrant and easy to fix problems will bring us closer to a sustainable system of equitable, universal healthcare. 

Obstacles to SP in the current context

  1. No identified state legislative 'champion' to author and drive an “everybody in nobody out” s/p bill to develop the will among the legislature to address paradigm shift and genuine reform in the health care system. Governor and Party leadership who take substantial sums of money from the medical industry. 
  2. Lack of seriously committed 2019 coalition leadership to mobilize and organize mass membership to action
  3. Finding resources to buy media and legislature who are dominated by corporate dollars
  4. Well funded opposition masquerading as single payer advocates - organizations, foundations, major universities, and "leaders" eg "Road Map to Single Payer" that include insurance industry continuity.

Advantages for SP in current context
CA Congressman Ro Khanna is preparing an as yet an unreleased federal bill based on State Based Universal Health Care Act HR 6097, that would establish waiver mechanisms and obstruction removal frameworks for states to author vertical single payer legislation and resolve financial reimbursement and fiscal through lines. This is derived from the ACA that allows for States to establish such models if these exceed Federal benefits and standards in ACA.  This legislation is expected to be introduced by Fall, 2019.

The Healthy California for All Commission will be meeting September 1st of 2019 (and we plan to be engaged all the way through to 2021) 

Candidate Maria Estrada to primary the Assembly Speaker, Anthony Rendon

Goals for SP movement in CA 2019-2020
Expand organizational capacity and reach, and engage in campaigns that exercise our capacity and reach, Continued advocacy and lobbying.  Organizing to address lack of seriously committed 2019 coalition leadership to mobilize and organize mass membership to action including:

  1. Establishing genuine PNHP membership relationships and multiple chapters throughout the state and governance apparatus to properly partner with the many single payer organizations in CA
  2. Establishing support resolutions from civic and social organizations to support S/P (CNA , Public Citizen, Democratic Socialists for America, Health Care for All)
  3. Working in solidarity with other social justice organizations to develop coalition
  4. Grass roots education of the public showing up everywhere where people gather. Download handout of resources by Maureen Cruise (of the LA chapter of Healthcare for All) on side bar, including CNA, NNU, PNHP, Health Care for All, CA Single Payer Organizations via Google, Health Over Profits (Medicare for all Facts), Public Citizen Report, Fixithealthcare.com videos for free, Samantha B Part 1 and 2 on You Tube, This Won't Hurt a Bit on You tube, Middleman (Vimeo), Power to Heal - Medicare and the Civil Rights Revolution (Bull Frog Films) www.ConnecttheDotsUSA.com, David Belk MD researching billing  - www.truecostofhealthcare.org                  

Shorter-term initiatives

Identify (list) and address our opposition and how they will present their disinformation funding masquerading front organizations and all groups that profit from the existing the medical industry system (see PNHP's How to Spot a Fake Health Reform Proposal

  1. A list of strategies to address delay, incrementalism, innocent looking and sounding alternatives, public option etc.
  2. Urgent need for skilled social media pros to address Face Book, Instagram, and Twitter campaigns writing editorials, blogs, etc
  3. Mobilizing student activism in health science schools

Where can people find news about Single Payer in your state and/or join a group?*
(https://healthyca.org), Health Care for All , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bill Bronston
Bill Honigman 
Inda Shirley
Maureen Cruise
Amy Hines-Shaikh 

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