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Written by Bill Semple, CO Foundation for Universal Health Care

State-based SP organizations
Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care -
Health Care for All Colorado –

National SP organizations or Natl organizations with strong SP campaigns
HealthCare-NOW, PNHP-Colorado chapter, Democratic Socialists of America, Our Revolution, Indivisible

State-based SP bills

None in 2019

Related legislation (passed)

HB 19-1176

Title: The Health Care Cost Savings Act

Summary:  Will create a task force to hire experts to do a comparative analysis of three systems to pay for health care: 1) how we pay now (ACA), 2) a multipayer/Bismarck system, and 3) single payer. It will look at the financial and other social impacts of each. These evidence-based comparisons have not been done before at the state level.

The Task Force is to have a preliminary report by1/1/21 and a final report by 9/1/21.

Lead sponsors  Rep. Emily Sirota, Rep. Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Sen Mike Foote

Status: In addition to the prime sponsors, bill had 29 co sponsors of the 65 Representatives; in the Senate, 9 co sponsors, of the 35 Senators. It passed the House on a party-line vote and had some Republican votes in the Senate.

Other Related legislation
The Colorado Legislature had over 30 other health care related bills in the 2019 session, though all but the Health Care Cost Savings Act were incremental in nature.

Obstacles to SP in the current context
The usual cast of characters.

Advantages for SP in current context
The report from HB1176 will inform the discussions of the important differences among the ACA, vs multipayer UHC vs single payer, showing how many advantages SP has over multipayer systems.

Goals for SP movement in CA 2019-2020

  • Providing volunteer support for engaging the grants, gifts, and donations needed for the implementation of the Health Care Cost Savings Act;
  • Educating around the process of the task force;
  • Continuing to develop our candidate liaison project;
  • Growing the grassroots; ongoing coordination with other grass roots organizations in support of UHC

Shorter-term initiatives

  • Reaching out to the disabled community,
  • Building the Medical Professionals for UHC,
  • Fundraising,
  • Increasing the business outreach,
  • Obtaining local UHC resolutions.

Where can people find news about Single Payer in your state and/or join a group?

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