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Written by Kristy Fogle, PA-C (Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition, MDPHCoalition); David Rabin, MD (PDA)

State-based SP organizations
Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition  (coalition partners listed at Facebook site)
Our Revolution, Maryland  ( (Strong ally of the coalition)
Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland-- various chapters

National SP organizations
PNHP Maryland; National Nurses United, People’s Action, Public Citizen, Our Revolution, Social Security Works (all allies of the coalition. Many working on national bills rather than the state bills).

State-based SP bills
--2019: Healthy Maryland Act of 2019 (SB 871) Introduced by Senator Pinsky and 11 others 2/7/19  For a “comprehensive universal single-payer health care coverage program and a health care cost control system for the benefit of all residents of the state.”

--2019: Healthy Maryland Act of 2019 (HB 1087-sister to the Senate bill) Introduced by Delegates Barron, Acevero, Pena-Melnyk, and 29 others. 2/8/19 

--(2018 Healthy Maryland Act of 2018, introduced by Senator Pinsky and 6 others; cross filed with  HB1516 by Delegate Barron and 25 others)

Status:  (not brought to a vote)  

Related Legislation
SB0228  bill to establish a Commission on Universal Health Care which would be required to develop a plan to establish UHC through Single Payer on or before Jan 1, 2023. Introduced by Senator Pinsky.  (Note: this is not a SP plan, but perhaps a precursor to one.)

Status:  Hearing scheduled for 2/19/20 (1 pm) by Finance Committee.

Obstacles to state-based SP in the current context

  • Legislative effort at state based single payer in MD has not gone forward
  • Strong national groups in MD doing excellent work for national program but some actively discourage state-based initiative.

Advantages for SP in current context

  • Strong coalition Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition, working at both state and national levels.
  • Healthy Maryland Act bills in general assembly several times since 2012 Maryland Health Security Act.
  • Several strong single-payer legislative allies in addition to Sen Pinsky: Delegates Acevero and Pena-Melnyk. Important note: future possibility of single payer hearing in Pena-Melnyk’s health committee in Annapolis, MD.

Goals for SP movement in MD 2019-2020
Town Halls, educational events, public outreach, local resolutions: all specific to Congressional Districts of the 3 Congressmen who have not co-sponsored HR 1384 (Hoyer, Trone, Ruppersberger)

Where can people find news about Single Payer in your state and/or join a group? 
Maryland Healthcare Coalition   Also Instagram.  
Our Revolution, Maryland  (  (Hal Ginsberg)
(and other groups listed above and at MDPHCoalition Facebook page) 

Healthcare-Now of Maryland

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