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Written by Barbara Pearson

State-based SP bills

S693/ H1194 A bill to establish Medicare for All in Massachusetts

Standard M4A--establish Medical Trust, eliminate private insurance except for services not covered by the Trust; funded with a payroll tax (and tax on investment earnings over $30K); negotiate drug prices, provide hospital budgets

Sponsors Sen. Jamie Eldridge, Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa

70/200 co-sponsors

Related legislation (pending)
A "trojan horse" bill Hogan Bill (H1163), which would study M4A financing AGAIN. (We have lots of studies.  The bill sets up a commission of ALL Health Care Industry representatives; NO patient advocates; NO reform advocates.) Several drug price negotiation bills pending. (Nothing to control hospital monopolies that are horrendous in MA). 

Obstacles to SP in the current context
Strong biotech council; hospital monopolies; Republican gov. who comes from Health Insurance industry and no Repub. supporters

Advantages for SP in current context
(Strong Dem majority). (but some of them can still use more convincing)

Both of our national senators and several of our House Reps are cosponsors for Sanders or Jayapal bills

Goals for SP movement in CA 2019-2020

Get the bills in the legislature out of committee.

Work for federal SBUHC bill

Shorter-term initiatives

Working to advocate to all reps in state

Pushing for municipal & town resolutions (for state bill), following Public Citizen

Where can people find news about Single Payer in your state and/or join a group?* (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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