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Friday, 14 June 2019 16:22


Written by Tom Sincic, President Health Care for All Oregon; Charlie Swanson, President Health Care for All Oregon-Action; Mike Huntington, PNHP, Mid-Valley Health Care for All
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 State-based SP organizations

Health Care for All Oregon
Health Care for All Oregon-Action

National SP organizations or Natl organizations with strong SP campaigns

Physicians for a National Health Plan

State-based SP bills

None in 2019--SB 770 is the planned lead up to SP Legislation.

Related legislation

SB 770 enrolled, (enacted Oregon law) ORS Chapter 629 creates the Task Force on Universal Health Care.

Sponsors:  Sens Manning Jr, Dembrow, Beyer, Reps Fahey, Keny-Guyer, Salinas, Williamson (41/90)

Summary: Creates a 20-member Task Force of 4 Legislators (non-voting), 3 government agency representatives (non-voting) and 13 Governor appointees (appointed no later than 5/2020) consisting of a diverse group based on diverse social identities and expertise, and backgrounds. (See the Bill for details; no insurers). It also creates and Advisory Committee of users of care, advocates for care, and providers of care. 

The Task Force is to hold public hearings and design a health care system under the set of Purposes, Values, and Principles in the Law that includes Single Payer financing. The Task Force shall submit a report containing its findings and recommendations for the design and financing of the Health Care for All Oregon Plan and the Health Care for All Oregon Board to the 2021 regular session of the Legislative Assembly.

Status: Passed and signed by governor 7/23/2019, now ORS Chapter 629, 2019.

Other Related Legislation:

This list includes a path by which HCAO has been building partnerships and joining coalitions in the fight for social justice and are impactful on the social determinants of health that must be addressed.

  • HB 2658 requires a 60-day notice on prescription drug price increases. Passed.
  • HB 2689 Pharmaceutical bill to all importing drugs from Canada.  Did not pass.
  • HB 3427 The Student Success Act—the link between education and health is well established, 
  • HB 2015 Access to Driver’s License for All—allows undocumented to get driver’s license; driving is an important part of accessing work and health care especially in rural areas. Passed.
  • HB 2005 Paid Family Medical Leave—if a person can’t leave or miss work, they cannot get the care they or their family needs when they need it. Passed.
  • SB 608 Stable Homes for Families—limits no cause evictions; homelessness represents serious risk to health.

Obstacles to SP in the current context
Need political will.  Likely opposition from Big Pharma and insurers

Advantages for SP in current context
Legislature has a Democratic super-majority.

HCAO is a 501c3 membership organizations leading the way on Single Payer in Oregon with database of over 34,000 supporters and over 6000 FB followers.  HCAO has ability to educate, advocate, and lobby.  (Does not support specific candidates or parties so is nonpartisan.)

Union and other organization support is growing.

A 2019 state-wide poll shows that a majority of Oregon voters would be willing to consider paying a new health care tax more than twice as large as their Oregon income tax to replace health care premiums and other health care expenses. See poll details here

Goals for SP movement in OR 2019-2020

  • Continue to build a broad base of partnerships.
  • Anticipate minor updates to ORS Chapter 629, 2019.
  • Local Resolutions aimed at both federal and state level.
  • Starting to build a west coast strategy in connection with Washington, California, and Hawaii
  • Supporting state prescription drug bills.
  • Focus on controlling communications in an effective, strategic way.  In particular, increase the understanding of advocates and others about the importance of a single risk pool for equity and affordability, versus potential pitfalls of various schemes that maintain a divided risk pool.

Shorter-term Objectives:
Messaging the 3 Congressional members that have not signed onto the Medicare for All Act of 2019--Sen. Wyden, Reps. Schrader and Walden. Also to co-sponsor SBUHC Act HR5010  (from Ro Khanna of CA).

Where can people find news about Single Payer in your state and/or join a group?

Health Care for All Oregon
Health Care for All Oregon-Action

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